Making an Impact on America: The past, present, and future
1) Who or what impacted the development of the United States? 2) How can 5th graders and their families impact the environment?
Climate Change Minilessons

Adapted from the "Protect Your Climate" Curriculum Program from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Climate Change Basics:
*What is the Greenhouse Effect?
*What is weather?  How does it differ from climate?
*What is air pollution?
*How does the carbon cycle work?
*How can I take steps to reduce climate change? (Overview)

Reducing Impacts from Energy Use:
*What our our energy choices?  What are the impacts of each?
*What is combustion?  How does it relate to air pollution?
*How do we generate electricity?
*How does solar power work?
*Home energy audit

Reducing Impacts from Waste:
* How did this pencil get here? (Looking at consumption and the energy pathway)
* How much does our class waste?
* Does recycling really matter?
* How do I compost?  What are the benefits?

Reducing Impacts from Transportation:
* Can we reduce our impact by exploring transportation options in our community?
* Trip chaining: Planning a no waste drive week! 

Project Culmination: How can we persuade others to take action?

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