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Digital storytelling is an exciting new medium of communicating messages through audio, visual, and a variety of digital images.  Digital storytelling can enhance our world in a variety of ways.  Stories from all walks of life can be told, shared, and stored through the World Wide Web.  Sharing audio visual stories, like great movies, can have a strong emotional impact by allowing others to view life through the eyes of others.  Digital storytelling brings people closer together.  Whether personal or business, everyone has a story, some undisplayed photos, and a compilation of videos waiting to be shared.  It’s a perfect opportunity to get together with others to collaborate and exchange information for the purpose of putting ideas into a visual presentation.  Educators can utilize digital storytelling to teach across the curriculum.  Students can work together, or individually, to create visual representations of what they’ve learned using creative thinking skills, while practicing computer applications during the entire learning process.  Digital storytelling bridges generations.  It is a medium for messages.  It is a canvas for expression.  Digital storytelling is a living history of cultural artifacts.  So, what’s your story?

It’s never too late to get started, and here’s why...
  • Anyone can create a digital story.
  • "Digital stories can be instructional, persuasive, historical, or reflective"  (Educause).
  • Many people are taking part in shared digital story projects on the World Wide Web.
  • Groups, or individuals, use a variety of technical devices, and programs to create their projects. 
  • "...Stories are used to teach values and beliefs to others" (Educause).
  • Digital Storytelling increases technology skills and media literacy through the art of telling stories.
This website has been created as a resource for those who would like to pursue digital storytelling for educational, personal, or collaborative purposes.  You will find links to a variety of resources that will help you get started.

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Digital media allows people to engage in intercultural communication through cognitive, emotive, and artistic expression.

Special thanks to my family for sharing their stories, and for allowing me to use our family photos on this web site.
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