Basic Spanish
Practice meeting, greeting people in Spanish and appropriate basic cultural knowledge.

Teacher Introduction

Spanish is the most widely spoken world language after English. As well as being the language of our Mexican neighbor and most of Latin America, it is now used extensively in the USA. Learning this language is vital for a proper understanding of Mexico, Latin America, Spain and its people. It will also open the door to exciting and dynamic cultures. The knowledge and skills you acquire will enhance and expand your prospects of interesting and rewarding employment.

Free Animations

 Teacher Process

 Dear Colleagues,

First of all, the instructor should make sure that the students have the basic knowledge of the use of computers, application programs and use of the Web.  

This activity is designed for the use of the beginning of the course. This Web Quest is an introductory lesson in your Spanish class.

It is essential that each student is provided with a computer station. There are some activities that they need to interact with each other?s verbally.

It’s important to remember that this site should be use as an introductory lesson in your Spanish class. Teachers should pay important attention to the use of cognates.

The instructor should evaluate in the progress of the class for each activity in order to assign specific time-lines.  

Project-Based Learning
Focus Content Area:
Foreign Language

Secondary Content Area:
Grade Level:
Junior/Community College