Basic Spanish
Practice meeting, greeting people in Spanish and appropriate basic cultural knowledge.
Meet the Author

Carlos Castellanos
Foreign Language
Junior/Community College
My Philosophy
The primary objective of my teaching philosophy is to ensure that my students learn. I strive to present the material in my classes as efficiently and clearly as possible.  Also, I believe that identifying the different learning styles of the student body is crucial. Moreover, I attempt to assess the different levels of general knowledge they have in all courses I teach, from Spanish language to socio/historical contexts. Finally, I aim to create a friendly and comfortable learning environment within the classroom.

My Community
 I worked as a tutor and then as a Teaching Assistant for two years at Cal State San Marcos. After graduating, I have been teaching at Palomar College, Mesa College and Southwestern College for five years now.

My Environment

Through these years of experience I identify some of the challenges that our students face and I even faced some of these challenges myself when I was a community college student. Our students lack of adequate preparation in high schools, language barriers, cultural adaptation, financial challenges, and lack of self esteem. As a college instructor I asses the knowledge base of my students and adapt my courses to meet those needs. Also, I provide them with personal attention and remain them that they have the ability to accomplish goals.

My Roles and Responsibilities
First it all, the responsibilities with the students are to ensure that my students learn. I am an instructor that promotes a learning environment, preparing every single class, using audio-video materials within real context, keeping current with new learning methodology and technology. I always try to create an amicable atmosphere in the classroom to facilitate the learning process.