Basic Spanish
Practice meeting, greeting people in Spanish and appropriate basic cultural knowledge.

By Debra Boardman      January 31, 2009 -- 08:57 AM
Very nice. Check you link under step two. It links to a blog or something I don't think you intended.

By Sindy      January 30, 2009 -- 01:01 PM
What a fun project. I especially liked the links to the games, the kids will have fun in that tab. The flashcards were my favorite resource. You've done a nice job!

By Stephanie Paulden      January 30, 2009 -- 12:55 PM
I like your animations and teacher's page. Very good work.

By Cynthia      January 29, 2009 -- 06:45 PM
Nicely done! I enjoyed navigating through the links especially the resources on

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