Basic Spanish
Practice meeting, greeting people in Spanish and appropriate basic cultural knowledge.


Language expressions or small talk allows you to break the ice with a Spanish-speaking person. The conversation does not have to be deep in order to make friends with another person. You could break the ice by saying, "Buenas noches", "Hola"... It is important to interact with respect to the social and cultural surroundings.

Are you planning to go practice the new Spanish language expressions soon?

Do you know anything about using the body language to communicate?


Guidelines of novice-low student.  Please refer to:


"ACTFL provides a detailed description of the kinds of communication functions, range of vocabulary, degree of accuracy and flexibility that learners of a language are able to control at different levels in each of the four major language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). These descriptions can be helpful in setting language learning goals, in planning learning activities and in evaluating proficiency".