Skills to Help You Keep and Succeed at Your Job
Your personal Image of success
•Prior to starting the job, have all of your appointments
with doctors, dentists, etc. out of the way. Have your
transportation and day care lined up so you do not immediately have to take time off. Have an emergency plan for
day care and transportation. 

•Be willing to learn new skills. Keep a record of classes
you are taking that relate to the job. Review this with your
supervisor at an appropriate time.

•Take time to make new friends. Find positive and
upbeat co-workers. Avoid negative, critical and gossiping
•Be clean and well groomed. Wear clean and job-appropriate clothes. Pay attention to how your co-workers are dressed. Avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes. Bring mints if needed to keep your breath fresh.

•Keep your personal life and problems at home. Do not use the employer’s equipment and time to do personal things like making personal phone calls, using the copy machine, or resolving your personal problems on the job.
If you are having trouble resolving personal problems, counseling, support groups or employee assistance programs may be useful.

•Create the image. Dress for the job you want next.

•Be patient with yourself and your employer. It takes time to get used to, learn and like a new job.

•Volunteer for projects and committees if your work is
completed and your supervisor approves.