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2008-2009 School Year

Students wrote their own Cinderella Stories from the perspective of someone other than Cinderella.      Weeping Willow        Someone OtherThan Cinderella


Students wrote poems about various biomes and used Pixie to illustrate the poems.  With Pixie students were able to add background music and narrate their poems. 

Poems may be viewed in Pixie if available or as a jpg file.

Selena’s Rainforest(pixie)

Selena’s rainforest as jpg

Matt’s Tundra (pixie)

Darouny’s Ocean (pixie)

Darouny’s Ocean as jpg

Ronnie’s Desert(pixie)

Ronnie’s Desert as jpg

African American Timelines may be viewed as power point.

Angie’s powerpoint of Black History figure

Duke Ellington power point presentation

Concept Maps - Students used Inspiration to create concept maps and then saved them in Microsoft Word.  Concept maps made planning for writing fun and helped students make connections.


Haiku created in Pixie may be viewed as a jpg file.

Helina’s haiku in Pixie

Alexis’s Haiku

Angie’s Haiku

Lisa M.’s Haiku

Students wrote blues poems after reading Langston Hughes.  They recorded themselves using audacity, then used movie maker to present their poems with blues music, pictures and clipart.

Tanekia’s Blues Poem (I Can’t Get Rid of My Cold Blues) (movie maker)

Cypress’s Big Sister Blues Poem (in Microsoft Word)

Darouny’s Blues Poem

Trisha’s Blues Poem

Jeopardy Game - questions and answers generated by students to create a fun way to review for a test on the book Gregor the Overlander.

Gregor the Overlander Jeopardy