Susan Brown's ePortfolio
Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence..... Robert Frost

     My career with Pinellas County Schools has provided many opportunities to grow as a teacher and a professional.  Teaching in the Criminal Justice Academy allowed me to develop an integrated curriculum that focused on the interests of the students in that Magnet Program.  As I became more experienced with using technology to perform the necessary administrative tasks in the classroom, I developed an interest in helping other teachers become more proficient as well.  As a Technology Coordinator, I was, and am, able to differentiate trainings to accommodate the different teacher learning styles and levels of understanding and to support teachers in their classrooms while they begin to use various technologies with their students.  The pages within this portfolio offer insight into the different levels of my involvement with students, teachers and administrators as a teacher and a Technology Coordinator.  While each position has its own unique challenges and successes, I have enjoyed both of them equally and look forward to my experiences still ahead.