The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest
What type of environment would you need to keep Monarch butterflies safe and healthy while they are in your care?

Summary: Students will work together as researchers, scientists, and dieticians to help the Director of the Bronx Zoo develop a safe environment for Monarch butterflies. Students will learn the anatomy of the Monarch and Viceroy butterflies, the life cycles and diets of butterflies. When they have completed their research, they will work together to design a garden for the zoo with a place for each cycle of a butterfly, and a paragraph on how they prepared for the shipment of Monarchs.

Rationale: Whenever necessary I intend to provide the necessary elements to build the steps of my students' knowledge about computer usage, graphic designs, and the curriculum content.
4) Grade Level(s): 1st through 8th (with modeling and scaffolded assistance).
5) Time Frame: This project could take one to four months.
6) Curriculum Map: March through June
7) Audience: The target audience is:

The project will be useful to this audience as:
 Call for Action
 New Ideas

The expectations of the audience will be to:
 Make a Difference
 Be Part of a Community
 Learn Something New
8) Collaboration: This project will include collaboration with:
 Students to Students
How to Maintain a Butterfly Garden for Monarchs
Anatomy of a Butterfly
Diet of a Caterpillar and a Butterfly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Focus Content Area:

Secondary Content Area:
Grade Level: