What are some facts about Penguins?


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Brief Species Notes:
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Detailed Species Notes
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FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions
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Monterrey Bay Aquarium:
               All About Penguins

  Monterrey Bay Aquarium
          Splash Cam              

 New Zealand Webcams


  Penguins Come to the Zoo!
Facts about Humboldt penguins.

                                                                                                    Penguin Cam at the Central Park Zoo


Take the Penguin Quiz at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

See videos about Black Footed Penguins                                                      


Penguins Around the World            Penguin Slide Show
        Habitats of Penguins
                              Test yourself about Penguins
                                                           Science Activities

National Geographic Kids: 
          Creature Feature
                Emperor Penguins  
                  Watch videos, read about them, and view photos,


             National Geographic
                     Penguin Parents Video

SeaWorld  Busch Gardens Penguin Information                                     


 Enchanted Learning


   Antarctic Connection

Read about all the different types of penguins

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Learning penguins facts is fun!