What are some facts about Penguins?
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By Talia G 205      March 23, 2009 -- 11:38 AM
Emperor Penguins do not build nests.

By Halie D. 205      March 23, 2009 -- 11:36 AM
The Fairy Penguins are also known as Little Blue because of their color.

By Crystal A. 205      March 23, 2009 -- 11:36 AM
Rock Hopper penguins are small, aggressive, crested penguins.

By Rowan E. 205      March 23, 2009 -- 10:52 AM
I didn't know that Macaroni was a hairstyle in England and that is how the macaroni penguin got its name.

By Jackie M. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:20 AM
Penguins are warm blooded just like people. They are about 100 degrees farenheit.

By Megan Y. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:19 AM
The largest colony of Royal Penguins has over 500,000 penguins. It is at Hurd Point.

By Dylan Y. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:17 AM
The King penguin babies lose their soft gray silvery down when the sea ice begins to break out and they then can go out in the sea.

By Naomie L. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:15 AM
The Fairy Penguins spend their days out at sea hunting for food in the shallow waters close to the shore.

By Michael W. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:14 AM
The average Fairy Penguin weighs about 2 pounds.

By Ryan O. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:13 AM
Some penguins have a feathery crest like the Macaroni penguin and the Rock Hopper penguin.

By Andrew D. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:06 AM
The King Penguin hatches one chick at a time.

By Andrew D. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:05 AM
The King Penguin hatches one chick at a time.

By Mrinalini S. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 10:02 AM
Most penguins live from 15-20 years.

By Anthony L. P5      March 23, 2009 -- 09:58 AM
Emperor Penguins have a big head, a short thick neck, a short wedge shaped tail, and tiny flippers.