LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
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Philosophy Statement on Education


As an educator, it is my intention to help students meet their fullest potential, to share a passion for learning, and to instill a life-long love of learning.

I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere.
I believe in setting fair and consistent rules, stating the importance of every activity, and modeling what is expected and necessary to be accomplished.

I believe in developing a curriculum around student interests that fosters motivation and stimulates the passion to learn.

When the voice of each student is heard, students feel free to express themselves.  In my class meetings I encourage such a dialogue.  There are three elements that establish this type of classroom environment: 

(1) act as a guide and facilitator

When the teacher’s role is to guide and provide access to information, students practice skills in authentic situations, construct knowledge, and find answers to questions for themselves.

(2) allow for natural curiosity
When the teacher’s role is to allow for natural curiosity, students gain ownership of the curriculum and they begin to take risks in generating ideas and setting goals for themselves especially when the teacher promotes respect for all contributions.

(3) make lessons more meaningful and relevant
When the lessons and units of study are more meaningful and relevant to the students’ lives and interests, they are more motivated to work harder to master the skills necessary in reaching their goals.