LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
(White Cottongrass, West Greenland by HenningThing)
Highlights of Qualifications
  • Twenty-two years of teaching experience in a variety of classroom environments instructing an ethnically diverse population of children, ages four through sixteen and conducting teacher workshops for teachers.
  • Success in designing and implementing unique programs to overcome learning difficulties by building strategies in reading, writing, math, social studies, health, life and study skills.
  • Ten years experience in developing and presenting teacher-training workshops in a comprehensive balanced literacy approach followed by the integration of technology into the language arts, science, health, and social studies curriculums.
  • Extensive knowledge of literacy-based instructional strategies and scientifically-based reading research practices, including Learning to Read through the Arts, the Comprehension Assessment of Reading Strategies and Power Writing.
  • Knowledge of educational computer software, such as, teacher and student productivity tools, multimedia presentation programs including graphics, and the integratraton of these tools with multi-disciplinary learning activities.