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WebQuest Activities and Publications


WebQuest Basics and Originators
First Grade WebQuest Project

Highlights on the Process of Transforming


  • Received an exemplary rating for Technical Completeness, Content Accuracy, and Appropriate Pedagogy by Curriki.org for my compilation of a middle school social science unit on Healthy Relationships, Spring 2010.
  • Professional publication, Teachers Network Handbook, Using WebQuests and Computer Graphics in the Classroom, January 2009. 
  • Presentation of WebQuests to Go!, Fordham University’s Regional Educational Technology Center’s Tech to Go V!, April 2006.
  • Presentation of Monarch Butterfly WebQuest, Butterfly Project Meeting, New York Restoration Project, February 2006.
  • ERIC publication on Literacy, Teaching Children How to Read a Script with Meaning and Expression before an audience, June 1990, (ED321247).
  • ERIC publication on Technology, Teaching Children How to Use WebQuests and Graphic Designs for classmates, April 2006, (ED490748).
  • ERIC publication on Educational Technology, How Teachers at a privately funded and technologically-advanced NYC School Site Integrate Technology into their Curriculum, May 2006, (ED491685).
  • Produced a Class Website through SchoolFusion to provide a setting for student access to preselected Websites for class and home viewing, thinking, and doing, September 2005, A Class Website.
  • Presented a customized version of The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest on the Home page of Barbara Bray’s, My e-Coach website, the summer of 2005,  The Monarch Butterfly WebQuest