LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
(White Cottongrass, West Greenland by HenningThing)
Certifications and Honors


2006 NYS Certification in Educational Technology, December 2006.

2005 Anytime Anywhere Learning Professional Development, Fordham University’s RETC Program, April 2005.

2004 @School Anytime, Teaching with the ’Net, Teaching Matters, Inc., March, 2004.

2003 NYC Certification in Children First Literacy, Summer 2003.

NYS Certification as a Teacher of Reading in the Day Schools, September 1993.


2007 Guest Speaker of Sue Roseman’s, Tapped In’s K-3 Resource Room, "Great Resources for Back to School."

2006 Conducted Research, The School at Columbia University, Educational Technology Thesis, Mercy College, February 2006.

2005 Interviewed by Mark Gura and Kathy King, Fordham University’s, Podcasts for Teachers, December 2005.

2005 Guest Speaker of Sue Roseman’s, Tapped In’s K-3 Resource Room"Thematic Instruction."


2005 Monarch Butterfly WebQuest Creation featured on the Home Page of Barbara Bray’s, My e-Coach Website.