LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
(White Cottongrass, West Greenland by HenningThing)
Technical Skills
  • Productivity Tools: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint) and Microsoft Works
  • Web Quest Design: Quest Garden, Filamentality, Group Fusion, Teacher Web and My e-Coach
  • Multimedia / Graphics Software:  Inspiration and Print Shop Deluxe
  • Literacy: Balanced/Comprehensive Approach to Literacy, Literature Based Curriculum, Guided Reading, Phonological Awareness, and Metacognitive Strategies
  • Curriculum Development:  Thematic Units, Multidisciplinary Units, Integrating Technology, WebQuests, Rubrics and Assessment, Multiple Intelligences, and Differentiated Learning Styles
  • Information Literacy:  Media Literacy and  Internet Searching Strategies