LoParrino's digital portfolio -- A Retired NYC DoE Educator of the Highest Caliber
(White Cottongrass, West Greenland by HenningThing)
Best Practice Instructional Activities

Forty Best-Practice
Instructional Activities from Journey North

Explore these best-practice instructional activities

to engage your students in authentic learning:



Anticipation Guide

Artifact Box

Attribute Chart

Cause-Effect Frames

Chain of Events


Clue Collector

Concept Map

Creative Response

Dialogue Journal

Double-Entry Journal

Expert Panel

Fact or Fiction?

Genre Analysis

If I Were the Author

Jigsaw Strategy

KWL Chart/KWHL Chart

Lead Preview


Mark Up the Text/ Comprehension Codes

Prediction Plus Coding

Questions for Details: 5 Wís and H Strategy


Readerís Theater

Round Robin Retell

Share and Compare


Snapshot Sentences

Spin and Share

Stop and Share

Synthesis Poetry

Three-Column Recall Chart

Timelines/Circle or Pie Charts

Two-Word Reflection and Think-Ink-Pair-Share

Venn Diagram

VIPs: Very Important Points 

Word Webs

Writerís Strategies