It's a 'New Worlde' in Technology Integration!
It's like a treasure chest doing research because one discovery leads to another. ~Elizabeth Cook
Meet the Author

Sharon Sumner

Sullivan School District

Technology Coordinator
My Philosophy
My philosophy is simple.  I believe all children can learn when the classroom environment is a nuturing, safe place.  I believe a classroom and everyone in it can become a home away from home, with everyone helping each other.  When students are engaged in their learning, the sky is the limit.  I believe all this can happen with quality educational technology integration strategies used in conjunction with a variety of other tools in a teacherís toolbox.  When the tool fits the objective and the individual learner, learning will take place.

My Community

My community is a small town approximately 65 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri.  We are a commuting/farming area with many people driving into St. Louis for employment.  We do have several factories.  We, of course, have Walmart, and now we have "Lowes!"

Our public school has approximately 2200 students.  We have a couple of private schools as well.


My Environment

I have had a web presence since 1996 and continue to learn something new every day.  I have been able, in the last several years, to make life easier for teachers by being the "go to" person to help them integrate technology.  My own children are grown and my husband is very supportive of my educational technology passion. 

I will be retiring in just a few short days from the public school system but will continue in my efforts to help teachers integrate technology.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I am the technology coordinator for my school district.  One of my roles, and my passion, is to help teachers realize the value of educational technology, then help them learn to implement it into their curricula.