It's a 'New Worlde' in Technology Integration!
It's like a treasure chest doing research because one discovery leads to another. ~Elizabeth Cook

Each team will determine who will be the team leader, the site navigator, the note taker,  the technology whiz who will construct the blog, and the presenter.

Activity Directions

  1. Determine who in your group will be the "navigator", who will take notes and who will create the blog.
  2. Visit your team link for team directions.
  3. Divide up the research (jigsaw method) to begin researching the topic, bookmarking information and taking notes.
  4. Discuss the essential question your team will answer to come to a common understanding of what critical information you must include.
  5. Make sure you have the critical information the technology guru of your group has to add to the blog.
  6. Present your presention to the entire group (3 minute presentation).
  7. Include time in your presentation for comments and question.