It's a 'New Worlde' in Technology Integration!
It's like a treasure chest doing research because one discovery leads to another. ~Elizabeth Cook
An "Easter Egg" Extra for You

I hope you learned a lot by going through this project.  This might be a way you would want to do some of the trainings at your campus.

Now, for your Easter Egg!






I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Web 2.0.  What is it?  Well, it is many of the things we’ve been talking about and using in My eCoach.  Things like, chat, blogs, online learning courses like this, movie making and sharing, etc.  Web 2.0 is no longer going to a web site and reading what is there.  The web is now much more interactive and the free tools available are unbelievable!

Take a look at Barbara Bray’s Web 2.0 project and you’ll see what I mean!

One of my favorites - Animoto!