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Renee Belvis
Dunedin Highland Middle School

Pinellas County

English/Language Arts
My Philosophy
The ESOL Program is designed to meet communication and academic needs of limited English proficient students who come from an environment where the native language is other than English and who have difficulty understanding, reading, and writing English. The program provides them with the English languages skills necessary to function effectively in a regular school program. Furthermore, limited English proficient students are introduced to the various cultural aspects of American society so that they may participate fully in the community life of their new country in accordance with their age, interest, background, and abilities. They also are encouraged to share their own culture and make a significant contribution to the increasingly multicultural environment of their school community

My Roles and Responsibilities

To help students quickly attain English languages skills so they can succeed in all of their classes.

To provide instruction that satisfies cultural as well as language needs.

To promote an appreciation of different cultures and their contributions to our society.

In ESOL schools, students with limited English proficiency receive their language arts instruction from certified teachers using effective teaching methods. In addition, bilingual assistants help students in other subject area classes and provide assistance to families with home/school communications.