What Would Happen if Sharks Disappeared?
Sharks Maintain the Health and Vitality of Ocean Ecology
Format of this Lesson


Students will complete the unit on Ecology and the Oceans prior to this lesson. They have experience using Google Forms, and advance organizers.


(In Google Docs, invite students in as viewers using their email address so that they will be able to take the assessments and have your email address for turning in completed work. )

Students will take the Pre-Assessment Quiz in Google Forms and create a KWHL Document in Google Forms from the posted KWHL template provided.  This will be filled in and turned in by each student by the first week in order to give sufficient time to guide students in their inquiry. 

The students will use their textbooks, online links, and outside resources, along with their notes, to find the foodwebs that the large sharks in the Pacific Ocean are a part of and their interconnectedness to other aquatic life.  WebSpiration or Inspiration software is used to create advance organizers and notes as they complete this task.

Sources sited is an ongoing document that they have experience creating. They will use the MLA Citation Styles.  Then the students will utilize this data and place it into a PowerPoint or iMovie format including at least one of the technologies listed on the in the Rubric they have been given for this assignment.

Technology Integration

The students will use a PowerPoint or iMovie to present their information about the the long-term effects of removing the large sharks from the Pacific Ocean. The students will find their information using search engines, websites for the Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP), the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), Department of Commerce (DOC), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and other online resources, in additional to their normal resources (textbook, print resources and notes). This wider range of data will allow students to present different data and individualized approaches to this exploratory question. 

The students will also use the microphone/headset to insert recordings of their voices into their PowerPoint or iMovie presentation to explain particular pictures or facts. The will use headphones to listen to themselves during the recording process and to find sounds or music that will help explain their information.