Introduction to HyperStudio
Meet the Author

Roger Wagner
My Philosophy
Software tools should attempt to disappear from the user's awareness, and be an amplifier for what the user puts into a project in the way of time, effort and creativity.

Control should be in the user's hands, not subject to a software application, to the greatest extent possible.

Motivation and the ability to perform as an individual are very important components to having actual learning take place. If a person isn't motivated to learn a subject, all efforts in that endeavor will be diminished. To be motivated, there has to be a personal relevance to the information, and a feeling of ownership and control over the process.

My Community
Facebook (Roger Wagner), Twitter (rogerwagner), Plurk (HyperStudioGuy), NECC NING (Roger Wagner)

My Roles and Responsibilities
Designer, HyperStudio
Owner, PBA Galleries, San Francisco