Introduction to HyperStudio
Installing the Software

This assumes that you have either the 30-day Trial CD of HyperStudio, or have downloaded the Trial Version from the Software MacKiev website.

Note: For now, the download is still being setup, but you can order the CD by clicking here <link needed>.

Double-click on the .dmg file to mount the installation disk image on your desktop.  When this window appears, double-click on “HyperStudio 5 Installer”.

This will also automatically install both the HyperStudio 5 Web Plug-in for Safari, and the HyperStudio Player. 

Note:  If you wish to run stacks using HyperLogo that were created with HyperStudio 3 (or 4), you will need the HyperStudio Legacy Player, which can be found on the website.  HyperStudio 5 can open HyperStudio 3 or 4 stacks directly, where they can be run and edited, but you won’t get the HyperLogo component.

If you don’t have Hyperstudio 5, you can buy it here.