Introduction to HyperStudio
Using the Inspector
The Inspector is the floating window that tells you about any selected object. There is also an Inspector for the stack itself, and the Inspector can be used to set up actions for any particular card.

If you have coaching hints turned on in the HyperStudio Preferences, the Inspector window is also where these coaching hints will appear when you are doing some particular editing activity such as adding a new button or graphic object.

The following sections show the typical Inspector windows for the most common objects in HyperStudio, along with the Inspector window for "About this Stack" and "About this Card".

To see the Inspector for a given object you can either:

Double-click on the object, or,
Choose "Show Inspector" from the Window menu.

Note: Double-clicking on a text object that is not read-only goes directly to entering text for that text object, and the Inspector window that opens will be for the particular text that you are typing, not the text object itself. This is to make it easier to edit text objects (the double-clicking to edit feature), but it makes it a little tricky to get to the Inspector for a text object if the Inspector window is not already open.

For that reason with text objects in particular, you may find it easier to remember the "Open the Inspector" keyboard shortcut, so that you can click once on a text object, and then press Option-S (for "Show") to open the Inspector at those times when its not already open.