Scaredy Squirrel Plans For Another Adventure
    The objective for this project was for 2nd and 5th grade students to work collaboratively to create an original piece of work based on the imaginative series written by Melanie Watt known as Scaredy Squirrel.

Students were asked to recall details from the series in combination with information about different habitats from our Life Science unit of study. Students selected one of five different environments that Scaredy Squirrel could to visit. Knowing that Scaredy Squirrel is an extreme worrier and is always prepared for every possible emergency that he can think of, the students brainstormed what he might worry about and how he would combat those worries.

    Feeling that Scaredy Squirrel was ready for an adventure that took him "out into the unknown" and far away from the safety and security of his tree, the students selected the following choices for Scaredy Squirrel:
  • A cruise on the ocean
  • A dog sled tour of the Alaskan tundra
  • A flight in a hot-air balloon over a tropical rainforest
  • A ride on a camel through the desert
  • A rocket to explore the moon