Effective Teaching Tools
What does it take to be a true teacher?

by Camille LoParrino, M.S.Ed
 (Reading and Ed Technology)

This website is in answer to the call by the DOE reaching out to experienced teachers and mentors and asking us to share our expertise with others through ARIS Connect, their online platform for sharing and accessing resources and collaborating with colleagues.  

The DoE is seeking our most effective instructional resources, classroom management strategies, innovative uses of technology, and effective practices to support our new teachers in the upcoming school year. 

The teacher tools included in this website are just a fraction of what I have gathered over two decades of teaching with the NYC DoE.  I have also included a table of WebQuests for those of your who are tech savvy or who are attempting to get there.

I strongly suggest that you also take a look at the list of my Social Networks as these connections with other teachers and techies will add to your repertoire and expertise and keep you aware of the most important developments in education. 

Note to New Teachers:

Congratulations!  You are so very lucky to have the greatest job in the world -- an educator in the City of New York!  Lets keep in touch with each other on the Net as you travel through your exciting endeavor. Best of luck!