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Camille LoParrino

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

NYC Department of Education

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Camille LoParrino is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, graduating as a Certified Holistic Health Coach with dual certification from both IIN and the State University of New York.

Formerly an elementary and junior high school Reading and Technology Specialist with the NYC Department of Education, Camille has changed careers. She conducts nutrition classes with adults and conducts seminars with seniors on the control and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.

Her primary position is the BronxFit program at W.S.P.T., a wellness center in the Bronx.  Here she focuses on healthy eating habits for those who are concerned about their weight.  Camille also "takes the show on the road" to community centers as well.   

Visit Camille’s where you can find lots of healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare recipes:


My Philosophy

As a result of being diagnosed with diabetes in February 2011, it became my intention to reverse this condition. "With a little help from my friends" -- a Health Coach graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Personal Trainer at the W.S.P.T. Wellness Center, I was able to lose 25 pounds in four months and get my blood sugar levels under control. It is now my passion to teach others what I learned, specifically, what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat, and of course, how to keep your body moving at least 30 minutes a day.

My Community

My new community is Westchester Square Physical Therapy, or better known as W.S.P.T., which is owned and operated by Daniel Seidler.  Danny has developed his business from a little hole in the wall near Westchester Square to the huge complex at the Hutchinson Metro Center where he now has a state of the art hydroworx pool with a built in treadmill.


W.S.P.T is where I conduct their BronxFit nutritional workshops with adults. I have a 6 day curriculum and we discuss where to buy healthy foods, how to prepare them, and how and when to eat.  I emphasis to these participants that the goal is to have a sufficient amount of healthy foods throughout the day. I also work with seniors through the Well Care Program in the Bronx and Manhattan where I speak about the prevention and control of Type 2 diabetes through mindful eating habits.



My Environment

My outside environment these days is going to two different gyms -- W.S.P.T. at the Hutch Metro and FushionFitness in Throggs Neck.  My week consists of the treadmill both onland and off (there's a treadmill in the heated pool at my Wellness Center).  I also use the eliptical at Fushion that tests fitness levels (and so far it tells me I'm "superior"), I enjoy riding on the stationary bikes at both gyms, as well as, the stretch and balance classes with Dennis and a combo Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates class with Diane at W.S.P.T. 

I also belong to the Spanish choir at my church even though I do not speak this language:). I could read it and sing it pretty well, that is, when there's not too many connecting vowels, but I'm getting better at making the words flow quicker and staying in tempo with the others.  We rehearse on Tuesdays and we sing on Saturday at St. Theresa Church in Pelham Bay.


I am still connected with my nutrition school and just enrolled in their Immersion of Graduate program for the second time.  I am learning more about promoting myself as a Health Coach.


I am also focused on how to become a better cook so I spend oodles of time looking for tasty yet easy to prepare recipes, watch cooking shows like Giada deLaurentis and modify or create my own versions of her selections.  My husband calls me a Creative Chemist because I usually deviate from the given recipe which he claims cause havoc with his taste buds:)

As far as my internal environment, my latest lab test results show that I have maintained the reduction in my blood sugar without medication.  I am entering what Jenny Ruhl calls "the 5% club" -- a place which is totally diabetic free.  Hallelulia! Woo Hoo!  

My Roles and Responsibilities

My role as a Nutrition Counselor is to provide lectures, samples, and handouts on healthy foods, eating, and cooking.  I am truly focused on a healthier lifestyle and it has become second nature to me.  In this respect, I am constantly searching for a variety of healthy foods at various supermarkets and specialty stores in the Bronx and Westchester.


I am connected to many health-minded individuals and organizations on the Net and stay on top of the latest health news, especially from places such as the Mayo Clinic, the Harvard Research Group, and of course, my beloved school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


I follow wonderful people such as, Dr. John LaPuma who is both doctor and culinary expert, Dr. Oz, heart specialist, Dr. Mark Hyman, specializing in the prevention of what he calls "diabesity," Dr. Depak Chopra who writes such enlightening articles in the Huffington Post, Dr. Andrew Weil, who looks like and still acts like one of the original hippies, and Dr. Ben Kim who publishes a most informative newsletter on healthy eating.


I am also connected with various diabetes organizations and have submitted an article to   forums such as the International Diabetes Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. 


I have just completed a book on my personal journey, found a publisher, and now looking for a sponsor to cover the expenses involved in publishing.  My book has references to diabetes websites, diabetes-friendly recipes, and diabetes minded professionals all of which have helped me as I travelled on my journey from diabetes to wellness.