2008-2009 Archives
These are projects created from students at Kings Highway Elementary
Kings Highway had been my home from 1997-2009. I began my teaching career at Kings Highway after graduating from Florida State University. I enjoyed students returning to visit with me and updating me on their futures, many including college. Everyone was heartbroken when the school closed its doors on June2, 2009.

Kings Highway celebrated its 50th anniversary in the spring of 2008. Many former principals, teachers, and faculty members celebrated together at the celebration party held at Kings Highway.

Kings Highway was honored to receive a technology grant called- Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT). The school received 2 additional mobile laptop labs, software, digital cameras, video cameras, Senteo Response Devices ( Clickers), and an opportunity to colloborate with Kennedy Middle on a science topic. Each grade level was assigned a grade level to colloborate with from the middle school. Third grade was partnered with eighth graders. We worked on space. Please view our Journey Into Space site to learn more about this project.