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Coaching The Career Educator Through Collaboration
Whether you were looking for it or not, this resource may be just right for you as you aim to increase excellence in education. It is called, “My eCoach” and our team is, "The Accomplished Teaching and Collaborative Leadership Community”.

What is it?
The My eCoach online platform is a unique virtual environment for educators to meet, support and network with each other as they interact around a common principle established by the National University Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center (NU-PTDC):

NU-PTDC Mission:

The National University Professional Teaching and Leadership Development Center(NU-PTDC) believes that National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) represent accomplished educators who are role models of excellence in teaching, learning and leadership. This excellence occurs through continuous learning and collaboration. Performance assessment and evidence is driven by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Our work and service will promote and support this purposeful alignment in philosophy and efforts so that improved professional performance levels will significantly increase student achievement and well being.

This site serves university students, NBCT candidates, aspiring teacher candidates, network leaders and educators across the country who seek online interaction, support and leadership options that reflect the guiding mission.
It’ s more than getting support to successfully achieve National Board Certification. It’s about bringing folks together to share and interact around relevant research, knowledge and resources that educators should share in common, vs. in isolation from each other.
 It is a place to explore, seek advice, share experiences, suggestions, challenges, issues, frustrations, victories and resources with each other and in relationship to accomplished teaching, learning, leadership and National Board Certification along the NBCT journey and beyond.

Who is it for?
Primarily, for teachers and administrators who are beginning or engaged in the NBCT process (first time, advanced, renewals, Take One) and who seek supplemental support from trained facilitators (CSPs) in a secure and protected online environment. Secondly, high school students who want to be teachers, preservice teachers seeking a teaching license, NBCTs, new and practicing teachers, coaches, administrators, and anyone who is curious or already convinced that the tools provided by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offer hope and promise to improve education all all students.
You will enjoy and benefit from the community interactions and networking within the site and groups. For anyone pursuing a master’s degree or graduate credit, National University offers program options that fully integrate the development of the NBCT portfolio with access to the online community.

How does it work?
The My eCoach platform provides tools to support your changing needs and desires as you develop your portfolio and analyze your teaching and your student’s achievements. It offers opportunities to develop and apply your leadership skills and expertise through general and specific forums, threaded discussions, blogs and other interactive strategies.

Once you register to become a lifetime member, you will be able to access our community page, explore the tabs, links and resources that will interest and/or support you as you learn about or participate in the NBCT process.

You are your own guide on the journey which allows you to meet your own needs and interests at any time during the year and in a format that YOU shape and drive through your interaction with each other, through the use of simple navigation tools that take you where you want to go.

What do you get as a team member?
Your team in the My eCoach community provides access to discussions, resources,
tools, and collaboration opportunities that will assist you throughout your NBC experience and beyond. These are in the form of daily alerts, forum discussions, certificate groups, support materials, blogs, chats, calendar events, powerpoints, websites, coaching support and continuous access to a growing community who share common goals, understandings and interests. 

You can reach
trained and experienced Candidate Support Providers (CSPs) and NBCT university faculty anytime from anywhere for support and feedback as you develop your portfolio responses and prepare for the assessment center. You will have the opportunity to meet with candidates and NBCTs who share your same certificate area and who may have subject matter expertise and useful resources to share. As a new teacher, you’ll connect with NBCTs and other highly accomplished educators who can serve as friends and models of accomplished teaching and leadership as you earn your credential or begin your frist years of teaching.You will develop long lasting professional and personal relationships with colleagues who share common principles and goals.

National University fully embraces the mission and vision of the NBPTS and serves as a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Professional Teaching and Leaderhip Development Center (PTDC). Our collective services support educators in CA and across the country.

When you are invited to become a member, follow the instructions to register through the NU-PTDC office manager Bonnie Miller at
bmiller@nu.eduor Ronarae Adams at

What does the My eCoach environment look like?
If you want to get a better picture how to navigate in the My eCoach environment, just check out the video presentation!