Join the Accomplished Teaching and Leadership Community
Coaching The Career Educator Through Collaboration

Why this community gives you the edge you need to succeed!

You will become a more effective instructional leader who increases student learning through collaboration, analysis of practice and acknowledgment of accomplishments.

As an NBCT candidate, you will:

  • develop and complete a portfolio of your accomplished teaching and leadership
  • build confidence, knowledge and skills to complete assessment center exercises
  • have access to colleagues and materials that offer support as you demonstrate mastery of teaching standards and identify evidence of learning
  • build and sustain ongoing professional relationships with team members who use NBCT standards to drive their practice and continuous learning.

Research shows that engagement in the portfolio exercises and the study and integration of the certificate standards into your daily practice significantly impacts your instructional effectiveness and the achievement your students. By engaging with colleagues on this team, we expect that your teaching ( preservice to graudate) and the achievement of your students will be impacted as a result of your deep study of the certificate standards, core propositions and responses to the entry prompts. This well designed inquiry into your practice, decisions and assessment date occur through your continuous learning, analysis and reflection. You will be determined to answer this daily question:

"What difference did I make for kids today?"

This collaborative support group will reflect a collection of diverse people, roles, ideas, conversations, questions, answers, and resources. On your team page will be links to:

  • Monthly tips and information that parallel a reasonable timeline for completing your portfolio and preparing for the assessment center, Take One, retakes and renewal requirements
  • Useful websites that support the candidates and accomplished teacher leaders
  • Team list for accessing all members, NBCTcandidates, and profiles
  • Private team for future teachers to chat, access research and connect with NB role models and coaches before, during and after intial licensing.
  • Private team blog for sharing documents, videos, photos, and links
  • Private team forum for sharing ideas, concerns, and questions
  • Private team chat for instant messaging
  • Internal message center for sending secure messages to colleagues, CSPs and other candidates
  • Adding friends and setting up groups around common certificates
  • Calendar with events and relevant materials and leadership opportunities