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Call or email these contacts regarding questions, concerns, etc. 

Ronarae Adams, NU-NBCT and PTDC Program Director:  


Bonnie Miller, NBCT Program Manager:


Caprice Houston-Bey, NU-NBCT-Program Assistant Director:




For more information about being a candidate as a National Board teacher:



Applying to NBPTS: BE SURE you are clear about application fees to the National Board, and that you know how and when you will be paying for the required fees. You have until December 31 to APPLY on the web site to become a candidate during this cycle(due date March 31 for your portfolio).

Access to Scholarships: The sooner you apply, the greater chance you have to access scholarship opportunities. Check for YOUR state subsidy applications and deadlines. For example, candidates in CA have until November 30 to apply for funds to subsidize their application fees, and you should contact Rae Adams for scholarship information.


These funds are only awarded AFTER you have paid your initial $565 online to the NBPTS, and when you have an official NBPTS candidate ID number.

National Board Score Reports are released to candidates in late November (by December 31st at the latest). Be ready to support and congratulate your colleagues. Look for the public announcement to follow. Encourage colleagues to move into advanced candidacy and to jump back in quickly to participate in retakes. We’re here to help! You may be a student in the NBCT courses, or you may be here for candidate support only... CSPs will assist anyone who requests help.