"Red Scarf Girl" Newspaper Project
A literary understanding of the Cultural Revolution in China
Book Introduction and Author

Red Scarf Girl is the autobiography of author Ji Li Jiang in which she describes her life and experiences during one of the most difficult and chaotic periods in Chinaís recent history, the Cultural Revolution (1964 - 1977).  In Red Scarf Girl, Ji Li Jiang tells the true story or her ordeal going from an happy twelve year old school girl in Shanghai, to living in constant terror and fear, and breakup of her family when her father in eventually imprisoned.


Author Ji Li Jiang was born in Shanghai in 1954.  She graduated from Shanghai Teacherís College and Shanghai University and worked as a science teacher before coming to the United States in 1984.  Ms. Jiang now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she runs her own company "East West Exchange" to promote cultural exchange between Western Countries and China.  In addition to Red Scarf Girl Ms. Jiang is also the author of The Magical Monkey King.  A retelling of traditional Chinese tales of the trickster Monkey King.