Mrs. Henderson's Third Grade Learning Center
How do third grade students learn?
Meet the Author

Marne Henderson


My Philosophy

Simply stated I believe we as human beings should be in healthy relationships.  To do this we must respect others.  I also believe we were given a voice and we should use that voice; to learn, to share, to encourage, to nurture our interests and build quality relationships.  Not just as a teacher, or a student, I  have a role to play as an adult.  The role is to learn. To learn is to grow.

My Community

I teach in a small rural farming community in the souteast corner of Washington State. My great grandfather homesteaded here in the late 1800’s.

My Environment

I am the mother of two boys who are a bright light of everyday.  My oldest, Dain is a junior WSU (Go Cougs!)  and is excited about his major in Ag TM.  He is an equipment manager for the football team. 

My younger son, Cougar recently  graduated from WA HI (Walla Walla High School).  He is interested in the Arts.  He loves to sing, act and spend time with people.   


This is the beginning of my 11th year here in Waitsburg.  I have been teaching in the area since 1993. I graduated from EWU in 1992.

Outside of teaching I am the Area Director for  YL in Dayton. I love; being in the sun, to read, craft, shop and exersice.  I enjoy spending time  and doing silly/fun stuff with friends of all ages.  And of course making memories with my family.