Mrs. Henderson's Third Grade Learning Center
How do third grade students learn?
Begin year information


Behavior/ Homework/ Reading Log


This is a form that will come home every night with your child in their Homework Folder. This is for communication between you, (the parent) your child, and myself so you can see your child’s daily behavior/homework and also to record nightly reading. (20 min. a night) you may jot me a note here as well. There is a place for each subject and daily we fill it out together. There will be many days that there will be nothing written on a given subject line except for a dash or N/A. We may have integrated with another subject and no need to repeat. Often there will not be homework until the 3rd quarter. Homework is designated by a circle around the box found by the subject.


When I say NO HOMEWORK, I never mean your child shouldn’t be reading or math facts.....Your child is going to continue to make progress if they are reading nightly along with memorizing their +,-,x facts. As a mom, I get the business of our lives. It is my belief that if we start to train your child, of the importance of doing their best, of training their minds for upper grades where they will have homework nightly in possibly many subjects, along with the very important qualities we all need for life, discipline, time management, and integrity to do what is right.



We welcome treats for the celebration of birthdays. I would appreciate a 24 hour notice. You may send them with your child the morning of or drop them in the office by 1:30. You are more than welcome to join us at 2:00 to celebrate if it works out. Again I would like to know 24 hours in advance about treats being brought.




Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write a note, email: or call the school 337-6461. I also am fine with you texting me 386-2365. Please understand I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.