Mrs. Henderson's Third Grade Learning Center
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Brown Bag Presentations


                                             Brown Bag Presentations

Due: Sept. 11 Wednesday       

Ar-ti-fact  n     an object remaining from a particular period

In order to understand our history, historians study artifacts from the past to reconstruct human events.  Bring three (3) to five (5) artifacts from your own life to share with the class so your classmates and I can learn about you and your own history.  These artifacts should be able to fit into the brown paper bag that will be sent home on Monday.

Please do not bring anything personally valuable as it may get ruined or lost.   You may bring symbols of artifacts (for example, a picture of a soccer ball to represent your love for the sport of soccer or a picture of you on your horse.


  A reminder: You will be presenting these artifacts in public.  So make sure you are able to explain why you chose them.     (More than “I brought this picture of my horse because I like horses.”)

Ideas for artifacts: