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How to work with beginning mathematical concepts with Autistic Students

The objective in this project is to locate a Mathematics Website that can be used in teaching Autistic students. I hope that I will be able to develop an interactive math site that can be used at the elementary stage of learning mathematics for autistic students.  This website will be used to present beginning math concepts for Autistic students in grades 2 through 5.

My goal is to find some great websites that can be used to help in reinforcing the symbolic representation of math concepts. The first site is very good, yet it does cost and in today’s world, free is better, yet I do recommend you check it out.

Building Blox

Another site is:
Math Web sources

There are hundreds of Websites that are available for Educators. You just need to take the time to see which ones are of value to you and which are just like a commercial. I would like to introduce to you one more site for you to look at.

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