Open Source Made Simple
An introduction to open source in education
GNU Linux vs. Microsoft Windows
Linux is the open source alternative to Microsoft Windows.  Compatibility issues dominate this comparison.  This is considered the crown jewel of the open source movement.
Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds as an attempt to duplicate the functionality of UNIX, and expensive proprietary server operating system.  The successes of this effort lead to the pursuit of an operating system for the average end-user.  To date, Microsoft Windows still dominates.


 Benefits of Linx  Benefits of Windows


Disadvantages of Linux  Disadvantages of Windows

The Bottom Line:
Using an open source operating system is a big leap for most people.  The management of any complex network system is difficult.  Having to learn new fundamental concepts can make this task seem insurmountable.  Without the assistance of a knowledgeable people, switching away from Microsoft and its vast documented resources is likely not your first step into open source.