How Flowers Grow
Teaching your Preschooler about Flowers, stage by stage
Taking Care of Your Seeds
Some seeds take a long time to germinate and others donít. The back of your seed packet will give you an estimated time frame. As you wait, you and your child will want to take very special care of your seed(s). In addition to following the instructions on your seed packet, you can always research the internet for specifics gardening tips or follow these basic pointers:
  • Be sure to water your seeds each day or make sure that their soil is wet enough.
  • Donít over water your seeds so that waters pools and pours over the top of the container.
  • If your seed containers are outside, do not let temperatures drop to near freezing. Move them inside if there is prediction of a near freeze.
  • If your seed containers are outside, be sure they are not at a place too accessible to birds- the birds may eat your seeds!
  • If inside, be sure your seed containers are near light but are not getting baked by intense, direct sunlight. This can dry them out really fast.
Depending on species, you will soon see your seeds sprouting small leaves after a couple of weeks. Follow the same instructions as above once the seedlings get to this stage.

Above photo: Basil seedlings. These are a bit different and many seeds are recommended in one pot. By Sara Zimmerman