Salsa Dancing
Teaching The Basics
Man - The Basic Step

With the basic rhythm of Salsa in mind, now explore the basic step.

Perform in a marching motion, lifting each foot in the order shown


L=left foot and R=right foot



Same as...




Now, that you have the basic step marching, try it with foot movements; male steps forward on first step.


Start with both of your feet together:


1.     Step forward with your Left Foot

2.      Rock back onto your Right Foot

3.     Step back with your Left Foot

4.     Shift your weight on to your Left Foot

5.     Step back with the Right Foot

6.     Rock forward onto your Left Foot

7.     Step forward with your Right Foot

8.     Shift your weight on to your Right Foot

9.     Repeat Step 1

Watch attached demonstration video: