Miss Morrison's Class

Your child will begin receiving homework every Monday that needs to be turned in by Friday.  We will begin with a handwriting page.  Make sure your child is taking his/her time when writing the letter of the week.  Watch as he/she writes a few of the uppercase and lowercase letters to make sure your child is following the correct steps from top to bottom.  Many children write their letters incorrectly by writing them from bottom to top.  Have him/her use a pencil only.  If you need a pencil, please write a note in the agenda and I will put one in his/her backpack.  Your child needs to trace the letter of the week first, then write the letter of the week with his/her pencil beginning at the dot. 

I am also sending home a Homework cover page with additional ideas for homework Tuesday-Friday.  These homework ideas are optional.  Only the handwriting page must be turned in to me.  The other homework ideas are for you to keep.  I will send home reading bags later this year.  Homework will not be graded.  It is additional help to reinforce what we are learning at school.