Noémi Bán's Journey to Taipei American School
A Journey of Love and Understanding
Meet the Author

Ken Bakken

Computers R-E-Z

Private Consultant

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I am a private consultant with 30 years experience teaching middle and high school students. For the past eight years I have enjoyed working with teachers and others developing websites and student activities. Some of my activities include: Pentominos, Teacher Homepage, Math, Puzzles, and Magic Squares Using Technology, Venice

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My Philosophy
We learn best when we take personal ownership or responsibility for their own learning. When learning styles are identified, we are better able to identify how we learn best, and how we need to stretch ourselves with other learning styles.

My Community
I live in Bellingham, Washington which is a small city about 100 miles north of Seattle and about 60 miles south of Vancouver, BC. It is a haven for recreational enthusiasts with hiking, mountain climbing, both water and snow skiing, and numerous golf courses.

My Environment
For the past eight years, I worked with the Mt. Baker School District in northwest Washington, and the Grandview School District in central Washington. The EETT grant that funded these projects ended in June of 2007.

My Roles and Responsibilities
Currently, I work as a private consultant with My eCoach. In 2003, I retired from the Mt. Baker School District after teaching thirty years. I taught students math, technology, science, language arts, and social studies in grades 6-12. From 1996 to 2006 I managed grants with David Tucker.