Noémi Bán's Journey to Taipei American School
A Journey of Love and Understanding
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By Laura      November 26, 2009 -- 10:29 PM
Mrs. Ban, Thank you for sharing your story with us.I am so happy to see that someone who has been through so much as you have can lead a happy and plentiful life now. Your story moved me so much. 

By Rohit      November 26, 2009 -- 10:28 PM
Thank you Mrs. Ban for sharing your moving experiences with us. It was very kind of you to come all the way to Taiwan. We all appreciate your trip here. 

By Anonymous      November 26, 2009 -- 10:25 PM
Thank you Mrs. Ban. Although your story is so hard to believe, no one can make up such a tragic story. Your words will make us and our future more positive because we learn to appreciate what deemed is insignificant. 

By C      November 26, 2009 -- 10:24 PM
Your visit was very special. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. 

By E      November 26, 2009 -- 11:35 AM
Hi! Thanks much for visiting us at TAS. I loved your story, especially the part where you started drinking the water.That relieved and helped  make the situation less tense.

By Tabitha      November 26, 2009 -- 11:35 AM
Dear Ms. Ban, I wanted to thank you for the brave and courageous speech you gave us last week. I found myself deeply moved by your story, the experience taught me more than any history book I’ve read. I really admire the fact that you manage to make your past something positive to share with us.

By Ted      November 26, 2009 -- 11:33 AM
Hi Mrs. Ban, Thank you for visiting us, and I really enjoyed listening to your story. Your story moved me a lot. 

By Winnie      November 25, 2009 -- 07:40 PM
Dear Ms. Ban, First of all, thank you so much for coming to Taipei American School! It was our once in a life time experience to listen to your speech. Your experience led us way beyond history class, and we not only saw an image of the war, but also reminded ourselves and and our peers to cherish everything we have. Sincerely, Winnie

By Lauren      November 25, 2009 -- 07:38 PM
Hello Mrs. Ban! I was very grateful that you came to our school and told us about you. Your story brought me to tears and also made me laugh at the same time. I hope that you had an enjoyable trip here! 

By Deborah      November 25, 2009 -- 07:06 PM
Dear Ms. Ban, We appreciate that you took the time from your busy life to come all the way to Taiwan to share your experience and your life with us. It was a very touching story, and it certainly helped many of us understand that we have to love life more. It was a nice surprise to see such energy and faith in someone who has been through so much as yourself. Being able to hear from you is a once in a life time opportunity for us. We are sure that as many of us drink water now, we will think of you and enjoy the drink more. The story of making the bombs that didn’t work was pretty amusing, even though at the time, it must have been tough to make that decision. I hope that you enjoy your time at home and thank you once again for this unforgettable chance. 

By Iydia      November 25, 2009 -- 04:42 PM
Thank you so much Ms. Ban for coming and visiting us. I had a really great time listening to you. Your story really touched me! 

By Anonymous      November 25, 2009 -- 04:41 PM
Dear Mrs. Noemi Ban, Thank you so much for coming to Taiwan to tell us about your experience. After listening to you, it felt like we learned so much, and our daily lives seem more special and beautiful. Your experience touched us and left a very big impression on us. :) We can now be positive and love our families more. Mrs. Ban, you coming to this school and talking to us was such an amazing experience. 

By Paul TAS Staff      November 23, 2009 -- 01:39 PM
I just wanted to say that after working at TAS for more than 25 years, never have I seen our students more captured by a speaker. Noemi Ban’s recollections of her days at Auschwitz will be remembered by all of us who listened to her speak. After seeing numerous documentaries, movies and reading books such as Night, nothing can compare with hearing from a survivor of the horror that occurred during the Holocaust. Even so, I am sure that her comments were tempered somewhat by her young audience. There were students around me who were softly crying and I must admit that my eyes were misty at times. Ms. Ban’s message was loud and clear to all of us who sat in the auditorium, and one that was filled with hope for future.

By maggie      November 10, 2009 -- 11:08 PM
Mrs. Ban, Thank you for coming all the way here and share you feelings about the Holocaust with us. When I first heard that you were coming, I was really excited. Heard about the story of the Holocaust many times, but never heard the story that vividly. So I thank you for giving me the experience to listen to your story, and understand about what happened during that period of time.

By Michael Chen      November 10, 2009 -- 06:12 AM

Mrs. Ban,

Thank you for coming to TAS. When I first heard you were coming to TAS I was excited. I read about the holocaust in many books but never got to listen to the words of one of the survivors. Your story reminds the TAS community that even though the Holocaust is over, it is still a very important piece of history.

By JL      November 7, 2009 -- 11:31 PM
Hi Ms. Ban!
Thanks for a very moving speech which I really enjoyed.
Good luck with you and the sharing of your story in the future.

By Leat      October 30, 2009 -- 01:22 AM
I hope that you enjoyed your trip to Taiwan. I grew up here, so this is my home, but my family is in Israel, and my father’s uncle was a Holocaust survivor as well; sadly he past away a year ago. He NEVER spoke about it, which is why I admire your strength and courage so deeply. You are a survivor, a witness, and a hero in our hearts. We love you.