Noémi Bán's Journey to Taipei American School
A Journey of Love and Understanding
Noemi's Message
During Noémi’s four day visit to TAS, she touched and changed the lives of many students and the entire TAS community. From the moment she began her talk to its conclusion, the students were captivated by her story. Her message to the students was clear...................

  • Speak up when you see prejudice, bigotry, and hate.
  • Don’t become a prisoner of your own hate.
  • Celebrate life!
Community Gains Insight from Survivor is a post from the Blue and Gold, a monthly publication of the journalism classes at TAS. The article describes Noemi’s impact on the TAS community through interviews of TAS students and the Upper School prinicipal, Dr. Richard Hartzell.

Escorting Noemi to Taipei American School is a blog (web journal/diary) written by Ken Bakken to document the day to day impact that Noemi had on the TAS students.

Jenny Hsu, a Taipei Times staff reporter, gives her account of Noemi’s trip in
"Auschwitz survivor speaks against hazards of hatred".