Distance learning with a twist of creative art process
Meet the Author

Christian Nguyen

Fullerton Joint Union

Fine Arts
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I earned my B.A. in Art Education with emphasis in Computer and photography at Cal State Fullerton. Upon finishing my undergraduate work, I continued my education at the same campus, where I received a Single Subject Credential in teaching Art Education. I student taught at Sonora High School, where I was fortunate enough to have been offered the teaching position at end of year after one of the two master teachers retired. I have been at Sonora since 2003 until this current year. I teach six different preps: Drawing & Painting, 3-D Design, IB and AP Studio Art, Animation, and Film Production.

My Philosophy


All individuals must have formal or informal education to succeed society. Education whether it’s taught at home or in public institutions provides one the skills he needs in order to function in his local or global community. Basic skills such as reading, writing, and calculating simple arithmetic should be taught during primary and secondary education. It’s during the post-secondary education when he advances his knowledge.  The more knowledge is gained, the more productive he can be in society. Education is an endless life-long learning process regardless of one’s gender, age, ethnic, or creed.


My Community
  1. Education: Sonora High School, in La Habra CA
  2. Athletic: Orange County High Wrestling 
  3. Cultural/Ethnic: Vietnamese Student Association


My Environment

I live in Corona in the county of Riverside, and I work in Orange County. The weather condition is extremely hot where I live and I cool off near the beach areas of Orange County.

My Roles and Responsibilities


Goal 1: How I will integrate technology in my teaching practices

 My subject area requires thorough step-by-step instructions. I want to explore what technology has to offer, so that I can apply to them how I deliver instruction in the classroom. I currently use an LCD projector with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and PowerPoint for project demonstrations. I want to utilize as much technological resources there is so that I can provide more one-on-one instruction, and increase comprehension rate.


Goal 2:  Leadership/ School Wide
I want to take what I learned from technology, and share it with my fellow colleagues in core subject areas to increase our school’s API score. We use a software call Data Director to analyze tests results. This program helps teachers focus on areas where students need to improve. I want to explore technology so I can help these teachers create more individual instructions to hone in on areas were student performance is the lowest.


Goal 3: Future Use of Technology

IB Studio Art require an internal assessment by the candidates’ teacher. The methodology of the Internal Assessment is constantly changing. I want to be able to use technology to create a forum for IB Art teachers to share and exchange information and ideas to ease the pressure of the year end assessment.