Distance learning with a twist of creative art process
Rationale for Universal Builder Capstone Project

This capstone project focuses on teaching a Drawing & Painting lesson at a hybrid or virtual school. I used the ASSURE instructional model as a guideline for designing this lesson.The asynchronous method of instructional delivery will be used in this lesson so that students of all grade levels, 9th-12th can access content information at their own time, pace, and anywhere in world Internet access.


        General education students

        Students with special needs

        Higher level students who needs to fulfill an elective course

STATE OBJECTIVES: design a kaleidoscope with the use of lines, shapes, and colors

SELECTION OF METHODS, MEDIA, & MATERIALS: the teacher will use video presentations and digital materials to deliver instruction, and traditional art materials will be provided by the studentís  local school of attendance or the studentís parent(s)

UTILIZE MEDIA AND MATERIALS: prerecorded videos of step-by-step demonstrations, digital images to present concepts, and other supporting digital materials with be used through various stages of production

REQUIRES PARTICIPATION: students are expected to utilize multiple learning objects in this web lesson to produce the kaleidoscope. Itís the students responsibility to notify the teacher of any technical issues that may arise during the production process.

EVALUATE AND REVISE: students will complete a self-assessment, written critiques of two of their peersí work, and fill out a survey of how content information was delivered so the teacher can modify any section(s) for easier comprehension.

Heinich, R., Molenda, M., & Russell, J.K. (1982). Instructional media and the new technologies of instruction. New York: John Wiley & Sons