Come Cook with Me Final Project by Deborah Buffman
Learn the art of simple and healthy cusine

odayís society is always in a rush and this has effected their choices of what they eat.

The benefits of a home cooked meal puts us back in charge of the ingredients and fat content we ingest. By preparing our meals at home, not only do we have an opportunity to eat properly but we can also have family time that can be restored at the dinner table. Letís get back on track and reach these goals without them becoming a conflict in your schedule.

  • Recipes shared with shortened preparation and reduced cooking time within 45 minutes.        
  • Eat healthier avoiding prepared foods, fast foods, and foods with MSG and other agents known to harm humans.
  • Save money by preparing meals at home.
  • Encourage family time and bonding
Come and enjoy the culinary journey and allow for your palette to indulge in a new, healthy experience.
Bon Appetit!

Focus Content Area:
Other: Society

Secondary Content Area:
Home Economics
Grade Level: