The Corps Value of Music
A History and Overview of Drum & Bugle Corps in the United States
Meet the Author

Troy Rexelle

Orestimba High School

Newman Crowslanding Unified

Performing Arts
My Marketing Text
   I have ten years of teaching experience throughout California in grades levels from K-Community College. I have my BA and single subject credential in Music Education. I earned my MA in Cross Cultural Curriculum in 2005 from National University and I am constantly searching new resources to make myself a better teacher.

My Philosophy
     Throughout the past 10 years of my teaching career I have found that any student can learn and be successful in their academic career. Their success lies in the hands of the teacher and the tools given to them  to succeed. I have found myself teaching in some of the lowest performing and lowest socio economic settings in California. While the challenges have been different and unique the students are fairly consistent on their view toward education. They have given up because they feel that they have been given up on. I push my students to understand that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a belief in themselves. I have found that this has worked at each each of my educational teaching levels from K-12 and even Junior College. My philosophy is grounded in this belief that all students can learn and will learn when given the right tools and support.

My Community
      I am active Judge and clinician for the Southern California Judges Association, Iím a member of numerous music educators associations including California music educators Association, Southern California School band & Orchestra Association, Music Educators National Conference, and the Percussive Arts Society. I plan to involve myself in technology associations in the near future to create networks and resources for integration of technology in my classroom.. 

My Environment
   I live and teach in Newman, California a small town with a population of 11,000 people. I work at Orestimba High School the only high school in the district that serves 750 students. I love my job and I love the community, it is the perfect place for me to teach, live, and raise my children.

My Roles and Responsibilities
   I am a music teacher at Orestimba High School in Newman, Ca. My responsibilities include directing the marching band and choir, teaching guitar and beginning instruments, and introducing students to music in music appreciation clsses. I am also the vocal coach for the afterschool program musical that includes grades 6-12 in the production.