The Corps Value of Music
A History and Overview of Drum & Bugle Corps in the United States
What is (DCI)?
  Drum Corps International (DCI), formed in 1972, is the non-profit governing body operating the North American Drum & Bugle Corps circuit for junior corps, whose members are between the ages of 13 and 21. It is the counterpart of Drum Corps Associates (DCA) which governs senior or all-age drum corps. DCI consists of only a small full-time executive and administrative staff in Indianapolis, Indiana. Policy is created, carried out, and enforced by the Board of Directors, which is primarily composed of the executive directors of its member corps. The board meets several times a year to discuss the issues facing the activity, as well as what the possibilities are for further developing the corps for the following season. This history is documented on the DCI webpage and visually documented below in a video clip.

   The primary purpose of a DCI corps is to provide a life changing experience for youth through the art of marching music performance. Their competitive summer tour, consisting of DCI-sanctioned competitions (known as the Summer Music Games) throughout the United States and Canada, culminating in August with the week-long DCI World Championships, is what these organizations build toward all summer long, to achieve the highest level of marching and music as well as color guard performance. Many other drum corps associations around the world are based upon DCI. It continues a tradition of exceptionally high-quality drum corps, with membership in the top corps highly sought after and extremely competitive, attracting the interest of potential members from many countries.